One thing I often do for people is to turn their vision into a painting. These are often ideas that someone has and wants me to turn the idea into a painting as a gift for a loved one or to hang in their own home.  Commissions involve a lot of preliminary sketches and bouncing ideas and photos back and forth through email or in person.  They are a lot of fun and can cover a variety of subjects.  I really enjoy bringing someone's vision to life!  I have painted commissions ranging from pet portraits to scenes of outer space to landscapes.  

I would love to create a custom painting for you too, so please contact me with your great ideas and we can get started!  


                Things to remember when ordering your commission:

If you will be sending me pictures for a portrait, make sure that the lighting is good and the shadows aren't too strong on the face.  Also, try to be mindful of the angle the photo is taken from.  Photos taken from higher up looking down tend to distort body parts and make the head look larger than it is in comparison to the body.  However, this angle can create an intentional look in which case it's completely fine. Sometimes distorted paintings can have great personality and almost comedic effect and are a lot of fun to paint!  

For other types of commissions besides portraits, feel free to send multiple reference photos and be as specific as you can when describing your vision.  I will always send my final sketch idea to get your 'ok' before starting the painting.  

*Also note that the price of commissions are slightly higher than others due to the extra time and work they involve. Please refer to the pricing information page

*$100 deposit required for all commissions

Here are some examples of commissions over the years: