First Friday Art Walk!

I'm off!  And by that I mean I'm venturing out in the rain to explore the First Friday art walk in downtown Bellingham soon!  I've donated a miniature painting to Dakota Art Gallery for their 6x6 show.  The exhibition kicks off tonight with an artist's reception!  

6 x 6 is an annual fundraiser exhibition that showcases works made by the community of Bellingham, all completed on a 6 x 6 inch surface. A portion of proceeds will be donated to the Allied Arts Education Project.

I'm excited to get involved in the art community here in Bellingham and meet some great people.  


A little experiment

Since this was the first time I've worked with watercolor board, I wanted to experiment on a small piece before painting on a larger area.  After playing with letting the colors bleed and create a tie-dyed effect, I thought I would doodle a little to make it more interesting.  I thought that the contrast of the precise black patterns and the fluid, wandering color was pretty cool!  Maybe next time I'll try it on a larger piece and maybe add in different colored fun fun!  Stay tuned for take two...

Morning Meditation

One of the most peaceful ways to wake up is to grab my steamy cup of coffee and go to my studio and paint.  This morning, sleepy eyed and not yet awake, I painted this little picture as I slowly let go of the sleep from which I had just awoke.  This painting transported me back to moonlit walks along the beach in Australia and seeing the silhouette of the rocky spits ahead of me in the darkness.  *BLISSSSSSSSSSS*

Hello, today!