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Haley has had a passion for art, and a love of all the colors in this world, since she can remember.  She is an adventurer, a lover of the outdoors and of animals, and a free spirit.  Being with animals, traveling, having random and unique experiences, and taking in the beauty that exists all around her are all things that spark her creativity.

Growing up in Eagle, Colorado, she was instilled with an appreciation for beautiful scenery and with a love of the outdoors.  Some of her fondest memories were of rafting and camping and riding horses all around the hills beyond her house.  Those moments were filled with a great sense of freedom and tranquility.

After graduating from Colorado State University with a degree in Equine Sciences and Business Administration, Haley spent time on various horse ranches and barns working as an assistant ranch manager, a young horse trainer, and assistant dressage trainer.  She has also worked in a fine art gallery in Vail, and was constantly surrounded and inspired by the eclectic mixture of artwork there.    

She currently resides in Bellingham, Washington where she is pursuing both her art and equine careers.        

Artist's statement:

With my artwork, my goal is always to capture and express the beauty I see in the world around me - especially the beauty in the subtle details that are often overlooked.  By placing an emphasis on the otherwise more subtle aspects of the subject matter, I encourage viewing the world from a different perspective.  I like to see movement in the stillness; to question the exact perception that I am seeing with my eyes.  Within my painting, I convey a sense of serenity, inner peace and often playfulness, which are a result of my own emotions when I am painting.  I am drawn to subject matter that creates these emotions within myself, because for me, art is the freedom to release creative expression; each brushstroke brings me closer to those intentions.  My art also allows me the opportunity to describe the world as I see it, with my own perspective through the use of paint. 

I constantly find inspiration from my day-to-day surroundings – especially in nature and in the animals I see.  It is often in the smallest details of life that evoke a strong emotion and drive me to paint.  I typically use watercolor because I find it to be a playful medium that is constantly in motion.  It meanders the way my thoughts and stream of consciousness often does.  It transforms accidents and ‘imperfections’ into celebrated uniqueness.  The other medium I use frequently is acrylics.   I appreciate the versatility and boldness of acrylic and how it can be layered, changed, and even re-invented with each brush stroke.   When choosing themes and subject matter, I pay close attention to how something moves me emotionally before I begin.  I then let that emotion guide the creation of the painting so that hopefully it can also evoke a similar emotion within the viewer.  When I am telling a story through my artwork - whether or not it makes any sense - all time stops and the world is still.